Translation costs per page

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Translation costs per page

Translation costs per page

Our Clients often want to know the translation costs of one page so that they can multiply it by the number of pages and get a total sum for the translation costs.

It is not that simple.

Today we live in the world of word processors (WORD 2007 being the most popular) that can exactly reveal the exact number of words within a document. And it is also the basis of our translation price estimate.

Yes, we can determine the price per page approximately but our estimate is always based on the number of words found in the source language material.

On average, there are approx. 350-500 words on a page and if we translate one word for EUR 0.10, the translation price per page is somewhere between EUR 35-50.

The translation word count, however, is more exact. So, if you really want to know the final translation price, you can check it in Word or send the source material to us to receive a translation quote.

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